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Puget Sound Technology helps students succeed in their IT jobs. Puget Sound Technology believes in education. In the long run, an educated user base is a lot less expensive to support.

We provide educational workshops, classroom training, lectures, hands-on classes, and on-location (your office) training covering Unix, Linux, BSD and open source software and operating systems. This includes end-user, desktop interface training and training for administrators and IT managers.

We provide pre-scheduled classes plus we can provide custom training solutions. We can provide training facilities or use your training rooms. We can provide customized solutions that can fit your particular needs. In addition, we can provide structured training to help your office staff prepare for related certifications.

Training Events

Please help us plan for future classes: please take our survey and tell us about your training needs.


  • *BSD system administration
  • Berkeley Unix system administration
  • Linux system administration
  • Using Office Applications
  • Introduction and Using Open Source Office Suites
  • Administering DNS
  • Unix Shell Programming
  • Introduction to Unix using BSD (or Introduction to BSD)
  • Beginning mail server administration: sendmail and POP3 configurations
  • Advanced Mail Server Administration: Performance, Virtual Domains, SPAM prevention
  • Apache Administration: installation, configuration and monitoring
  • Security: Introduction and building a security plan
  • Beginning Linux (or BSD) Security
  • Linux Kernel Workshop
  • Online Marketing
  • Open Source Licensing
  • And more ...

We can also provide presentations covering open source software, Linux and BSD.

Contact us to discuss your needs and to learn more about our customized training solutions.

Also send us an email to receive some of our past course curriculums; let us know what topic you need information for.

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BSD Unix class in Phoenix

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